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In 2020, the Mayor and Conshohocken Borough Council authorized an operational audit of the Conshohocken Police Department. The Borough contracted services with Matrix Consulting Group to conduct this assessment.

The scope of the study was comprehensive with a focus on each function within the Conshohocken Police Department.  Objectives of the study were as follows:

  • Assess current operations and services for all functions within the Police Department, including analysis of workloads, service levels, staffing, scheduling and deployment.
  • Evaluate current services and service levels to identify areas of improvement needed to achieve efficiencies.
  • Analyze current staffing needs for all functions to handle law enforcement workloads in the Borough based on a factual assessment of all operations.
  • Examine overall operations management with an emphasis on current management techniques and identify opportunities for improvement based on best practices in policing.
  • In summary, this study was designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the overall operation of the Conshohocken Police Department to ensure that the Department has appropriate resources available to meet the needs of the Borough of Conshohocken community.  

George Metz, Police Superintendent, presented findings of the assessment report publicly at the December 1, 2021 Council Work Session. A full copy of the report and all findings, including specific recommendations for the department on staffing, deployment, and other relevant issues, can be viewed at the link below.

Matrix Police Report

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