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Interested in renting space in one of our recreational facilities or parks? Rental opportunities are available at the Community Center at the Fellowship House, Mary Wood Park House, and at six of our eight public parks. 

All reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Use of alcohol during rentals is prohibited on all Borough-owned facilities and park grounds. Requests pertaining to fee waivers and temporary relief to any of the Borough’s facilities and/ or park rules & regulations must be submitted in writing to the Director of Recreation Services and be approved by Borough Council. 

Facility Rentals

You can reserve space within the Community Center at the Fellowship House and Mary Wood Park House. Facility rentals are granted within hours of operation only. Any request for facility use outside normal hours of operation needs to be approved by the Director of Recreation Services. Anyone requesting to reserve space at one of our facilities must submit a Facility Rental ApplicationApplicants must also submit a $25 non-refundable deposit with their completed application. Additional permits, insurance requirements, and fees may apply depending on the nature of the event or activity. Please contact the Recreation Services prior to submitting your application and deposit to confirm availability.

Rental Fees                               

Spaces Available for Rent    Hourly Rates
Multi-Purpose Room  $100/hour
Basketball Gym        $80/hour ($75/hour if renting 6 or more sessions)
Meeting Room  $50/hour
Basketball Gym & Meeting Room $100/hour
Activity Space $60/hour
Mary Wood Park House   $50/hour

Party Deals with Beanie Bounce

This party package deal is only available at the Community Center at the Fellowship. It allows you to choose from a variety of entertainment and set your own price point. Beanie Bounce Party Rentals can provide all entertainment, including face painting, inflatable bounce houses, games, crafts, and more! Visit to view a listing of available items. Discount pricing may vary during busy and off seasons. Two weeks' notice for face painters and moon bounces is preferred. Renters must contact Beanie Bounce Party Rentals directly for pricing and to reserve all entertainment. Call 610-272-0270.

Park Rentals

Anyone wishing to reserve a park during a designated time, date, and location for an organized activity is required to submit a park permit with a $25 non-refundable deposit. Park permits are also required when an activity charges a fee for participation. The applicant is responsible for paying for a minimum of 2 hours for all park rental reservations, excluding the A-Field and B-Field. This will cover set-up and breakdown times for all requests.

To determine your residency rate, please refer to the Borough of Conshohocken Ward Map, or contact us at 610-828-3266 to verify your address. Inability to provide proof of your Conshohocken Borough residency will automatically qualify you as a non-resident.

Spaces Available for Rent    Resident Rates Non-Resident Rates Light Fee
A-Field   $200/hour  $200/hour  $50/hour
B-Field     $60/hour  $70/hour    $25/hour
B-Field Pavilion $60/hour  $70/hour    N/A
Sutcliffe Park Playground Pavilion $60/hour  $70/hour    $25/hour
Sutcliffe Park Evergreen Pavilion   $60/hour  $70/hour    N/A
Sutcliffe Park Senior Field $60/hour  $70/hour    N/A
Sutcliffe Park Basketball Courts $60/hour  $70/hour    $25/hour
Aubrey Collins Park Pavilion  $60/hour  $70/hour    N/A
Mary Wood Park Pavilion  $60/hour  $70/hour    N/A
2nd Avenue Meadow  $40/hour  $50/hour N/A

Insurance Requirements

Private Individuals

Must sign a waiver and release agreement, which saves, defends, keeps harmless and indemnifies the Borough of Conshohocken.


Must carry general liability insurance and provide a certificate of insurance with the Borough of Conshohocken, 400 Fayette Street, Suite 200, Conshohocken, PA 19428, named as an additional insured. Additional insurance details and requirements pertaining to facility and park rentals are listed in the applications found below. 

Contact Information

Recreation Services

Name Title Telephone
Lauren Irizarry
Director of Recreation Services (610) 828-3266
Charles Alcorn
Recreation Supervisor (610) 828-3266
Valéz Jackson
Recreation Coordinator (610) 828-3266
Rachel Mulderrig
Administrative Assistant (610) 828-3266