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Real Estate Tax

All owners of taxable real estate property within the Borough of Conshohocken (vacant land, residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to a real estate tax each year. 

Taxing Entities

There are four (4) different taxing entities to which Conshohocken Borough property owners pay real estate tax:

  • Municipality: Borough of Conshohocken
  • School District: Colonial School District
  • County: Montgomery County
  • County: Montgomery County Community College

The real estate tax is based on a millage rate levied each year by the respective governing bodies above. The Borough’s millage rate is set by Conshohocken Borough Council each year in December as part of the annual budget process. The school millage rate is set in June by the Colonial School Board and the county millage rate is set in December by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

View the current millage rates for the Borough, School District, and County

How is the real estate tax calculated?

The Montgomery County Board of Assessment determines a property’s assessed value. The real estate tax is calculated by multiplying a property's assessed value by the millage rate (expressed as mills x 0.001). One mill represents $1 in taxes per $1,000 in tax-assessed value.

For example, in 2023, the millage rate for a Conshohocken resident is divided into four categories, totaling 0.034147 (34.147 x .001).

  • Borough Millage = 0.0045 (4.5 x 0.001)
  • Colonial School District Millage = 0.02502 (25.02 x 0.001)
  • Montgomery County Millage = 0.004237 (4.237 x 0.001)
  • Montgomery County Community College Millage = 0.00039 (0.39 x 0.001)

If we continue with this example, the owner of a property assessed at $100,000 would owe the following annual costs in real estate tax:

  • Amount owed to the Borough = $450 ($100,000 x 0.0045)
  • Amount owed to the Colonial School District = $2,502 ($100,000 x 0.02502)
  • Amount owed to the County = $423.70 ($100,000 x 0.004237)
  • Amount owed to the MCCC = $39.00 ($100,000 x 0.00039)

Real estate taxes are mailed to all property owners twice a year: 

  • The first mailing is for the Borough’s real estate taxes 
  • The second mailing is for the school real estate taxes

Dominic A. Coccia, Jr. is the Borough’s Real Estate Tax Collector. He is an independent official elected by the residents of the Borough of Conshohocken and is not a Borough employee. He is responsible for sending and collecting all real estate taxes (including County and Borough real estate taxes and school real estate taxes). All real estate tax questions should be directed to:

Dominic A. Coccia, Jr.
619 Maple Street
Conshohocken, PA 19428
610-825-8644 (fax)

Earned Income Tax

Local earned income taxes are collected by Montgomery County. Berkheimer Associates is the county's tax collector for earned income tax. Questions related to earned income taxes should be directed to:

Berkheimer Associates
63 W 4th Street
Bridgeport, PA 19405

Business Tax

All businesses within the Borough of Conshohocken are subject to business privilege tax, local services tax, and mercantile tax. Businesses must register with Tri-State Financial Group, LLC, which is the Borough of Conshohocken's tax collector for Act 511 taxes. Visit the Tri-State Financial Group website to download tax forms. For more information, please contact: 

Tri-State Financial Group, LLC  
P.O. Box 38
Bridgeport, PA 19405-0038
610-270-9522 (fax)


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