Current storm predictions have increased the flood stage levels. The Schuylkill River is anticipated to crest at 2:00 pm tomorrow afternoon (9/2) at a level of 20.5 ft. This is considered a Major Flood Stage. 

The below roads are now closed:

  • Colwell Lane (11th Avenue to West Elm Street)
  • Conshohocken riverbank areas and secondary streets adjacent to the riverbank (Riverwalk and Londonbury apartment complexes, the Marriott, SEPTA parking lot, Washington Street, Cherry Street, Harry Street, Stoddard Avenue, and Ash Street up to East Elm Street)

Residents remaining in their homes along the below listed areas should shelter-in-place immediately.

  • Colwell Lane (This includes Evansway)
  • Washington Street (This includes Riverwalk and Londonbury apartment complexes and the Marriott).

Shelter-in-place means to take immediate shelter where you are and stay in that location until all hazards have passed and your local authorities lift the shelter-in-place order. 

We are advising residents to call 911 for all emergencies and/or flooding issues. Do not call the Fire or Police Departments directly. If you need assistance, you should call 911 to be directed properly by dispatch. 

Stay alert for updated storm information.

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